Loyalty is changing.
It’s time for a shift.

A shift away from loyalty programs based solely on transactions. A shift towards strategies that create a meaningful relationship. That’s what Maritz Loyalty solutions are all about.

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What kind of loyalty are you building?

Today’s consumers are looking for a compelling experience – one that connects with them on a personal level. See how using the four types of loyalty can help you create stronger relationships with your customers.

Let Us Help You Build It

Laying a strategic foundation with professional services.

We offer strategic guidance and creative solutions backed by data analysis and artificial intelligence to enhance your brand’s loyalty experience for your consumers.

Strategy & Design
Decision Sciences
Creative Services

A platform that performs.

The Maritz Loyalty platform provides a flexible, proven foundation for your program with strategic tools, streamlined functions and integrated messaging:

  • Progress + Extendable Data Management
  • Configurable interface options for participants and administrators
  • Rewards and redemption management
  • Strategic communications & engagement informed by data analytics

We make rewards personal.

Our platform delivers a rewards experience that is tailored to your customer, and it’s revolutionizing the loyalty experience.

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“Partnering with Maritz allows us to be on the leading edge of innovation as we deliver better experiences for our customers. By using AI to predict our consumer’s redemption behavior, we’ve refined our loyalty program to ‘speak’ to our customers by promoting the perfect reward or experience for them.”

Pablo Sanchez, head of retail banking and wealth management for HSBC

Our programs reach more than 100 million people around the globe.

Which means we’re probably already connecting with your customers. As a Maritz Loyalty client, you can turn our reach and expertise into your own success story.

Leaders in loyalty.

Our team of strategists and creative thinkers are constantly evaluating trends in the loyalty industry.
Check out the latest thought leadership from Maritz Loyalty.

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