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Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens, Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of the series Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens in partnership with The Wise Marketer.  Part 1 was all about Evan’s favorite brands and why he has an affinity to those brands. Part 2 was all about loyalty program’s biggest turn-offs. And now, Part 3 is all about customer data.  Is there a […]

Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens, Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens video series in partnership with The Wise Marketer.   This week, Evan Snively speaks with seasoned loyalty expert, Bill Hanifin. In this video, Evan expands on his favorite brands and whether or not any of these brands have a loyalty program. While none of the brands […]

What Does a Loyal Customer Really Look Like? (Podcast)

Have you ever wondered how banks and credit card companies can attract new customers and grow their purchasing relationship? To attract, engage, and retain those best customers, we have spent decades helping banks and financial institutions grow customer loyalty and create strong relationships with their customers. VP of Loyalty Strategy, Barry Kirk shares his experience […]