Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens, Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of a series titled Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens in partnership with the Wise Marketer. This series features three videos of Maritz Loyalty Strategist Evan Snively, as he shares his millennial perspective on loyalty programs that have a lasting impact on a brand’s relationship with their best customers.

For the first installment, Evan spends a few minutes chatting with the Wise Marketer’s Mike Giambattista (Editor in Chief)  about his brand affinities. They explore why he feels bonded to those brands over others in those spaces.

Some of Evan’s favorite brands include: Patagonia, Spotify, and the NFL. He shares his perspective on these brands and how they deliver a superior experience to him as a customer.

Watch the video below to hear Mike Giambattista and Evan talk about brands creating emotional connections, loyalty, and brand affinity from a millennial perspective.


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