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Every customer in your program is also a member of 30 other loyalty programs. That’s why we draw solutions from multiple verticals to give you the best answer to your loyalty challenges.

Checking In.

See how we’re addressing challenges within the hospitality industry.

Collecting guest details may be a standard within the marketplace, but using that intelligence to deliver a superior guest experience is a more complex proposition. How can hospitality businesses solidify a meaningful, memorable relationship across modern engagement channels?

Maritz Loyalty presents a rewards portfolio with the breadth, variety and scalability needed to differentiate hospitality businesses from the competition, both in terms of customer acquisition and engagement. Our market experience, service model and science-based strategies help drive industry innovation, cost-effective redemption, creative campaigns and successful programs.

Holding their interest.

Building loyalty within the financial industry is a matter of dollars and sense.

In a vertical that used to be dominated by brick-and-mortar bankers, the financial industry is embracing a digital future. How can firms use data and analytics to predict client needs and find new paths to profit?

While rules and regulations can present a challenge when these businesses look to differentiate their offerings, Maritz Loyalty is able to guide loyalty strategies that target for acquisition, advance member segmentation, push cross-product engagement or expand categories of card usage. Using our innovative AI tools, we produce analytics that inform program execution and produce measurable results for our financial clients. What’s more, our involvement and expertise within multiple business verticals help enrich program recommendations, giving loyalty clients a broader sense of what they can accomplish through loyalty activations.

A plan to make things better.

We’re helping our clients keep their loyalty initiatives looking healthy.

While it’s expected that doctors will gather vital information from their patients, new concerns about security and data integrity make analytics a challenge. Healthcare organizations that successfully integrate data-driven insights into their clinical and operational processes can build loyalty along with their bottom line, turning patients into loyal customers.

Cost is a factor across the healthcare industry, and Maritz Loyalty is finding ways to lower costs through a patient-focused loyalty experience as well as improved employee satisfaction and retention. Beyond a standard loyalty program, our holistic approach and full service offerings can be leveraged to encourage wellness behavior in patients, limit expensive re-admittances, improve post-hospital care and drive relational follow-up.

Building something bigger.

Competitive advantage within the manufacturing market is built through customer relationships.

In an environment where every new piece of equipment or technology is inherently capable of data capture and processing capabilities, the opportunities for efficiency are significant. So how can manufacturers adapt technology and data to streamline operations, maximize e-commerce opportunities, deliver excellence and build B2B as well as end-user relationships?

The possibilities available through better data and e-commerce allow for manufacturers to develop more direct relationships that aren’t complicated by the distribution network. Maritz can capitalize on these opportunities, using a commercial loyalty approach that increases transaction volume, drives cross-product adoption, encourages referrals and supports customer retention. We understand the “push” and “pull” needs within this vertical, and apply our thought leadership and professional services to demonstrate success.

Tracking trends.

We’re helping retail businesses discover loyalty strategies that fit their needs.

Modern retail businesses are constantly working to stay ahead of trends. Of course, we’re talking about trends in customer behavior rather than current fashions. How can loyalty programs track and respond to the demands of retail?

The retail industry is constantly evolving and tracking trends to overcome the immense amount of challenges they face, such as: consumer confidence and the health of the economy, security over consumer data, and meeting customers’ rapidly changing expectations of what their experience should be. Traditionally, retail loyalty programs are driven through their brand app and focus on bombarding customers with emails, offers, and coupons. These programs are mercenary in nature. Maritz Loyalty is finding ways to drive a more holistic, true/cult loyalty approach for retailers.

While providing a great experience for consumers is critical, retailer credit cards are also a big generator for companies in your space. Our experience in enrollment & acquisition incentives, combined with our AI capabilities allows us to target new cardholder acquisitions and deliver on retention strategies.

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