Building better engagement.

An effective loyalty program builds relationships with your customers, and the key to any good relationship is communication. At Maritz, we understand the lifecycle of loyalty engagement – we know what messages to send and when to send them. All so you can build customer relationships that last.

We understand the lifecycle of loyalty.

The needs and interests of a new loyalty member are very different from those of long-time brand enthusiasts. That’s why Maritz Loyalty uses our experience and insights to tailor communications to the lifecycle of loyalty, making every message relevant to its recipient.

It’s more than marketing. It’s a relationship.

Strategic member communications can start a conversation, build engagement and cross channels to create a stronger bond between your customers and your brand.

Baseline Communications

Talk with your loyalty program members about the features and benefits of the program, showing them the value of your brand and their relationship with it.

Triggered Communications

Don’t simply note when a password changes or a reward is redeemed. Celebrate the moments in between with engaging messages and personalized encouragement.

Ad Hoc Communications

Events, promotions, offers and occasions give you the opportunity to reach out with relevant, exciting content that strengthens the bond between you and your customers.

The best loyalty programs use a blend of member communication channels and messaging to build better engagement.

Let Maritz Loyalty help you develop the mix that’s right for your program messaging.