Technology that
powers your program.

An effective loyalty program requires a foundation of flexible tools and proven technology. The Maritz Loyalty platform provides that foundation through layers of proprietary functionality and expert application.

The Progress Engine

The technical foundation for our programs, the Progress Engine compiles sophisticated member profiles, tracks customer behavior, streamlines data, and manages program guidelines and rules. These details are presented through an intuitive dashboard with personalized reports that empower your team.

  • Program migration
  • Insights and reporting
  • Progress management
  • Business and program rules
  • Administrative functionality

The Member Interface

This technological framework connects loyalty program participants with program details and experiences. It lets people enroll, check their program status, earn or redeem points, and manage their account. Whether a website, an app or a customer service center, the Member Interface gives the program participants the power to connect with your brand.

  • Segmentation and analysis features
  • Website framework and functionality
  • Responsive design
  • User profiles and preferences
  • Service center staffing, training and scripting
  • Rewards and fulfillment

The Engagement Layer

Loyalty program engagement connects clients with their program members. We use promotional campaigns, program emails, events and messages to build a deeper brand relationship throughout the member lifecycle. From the welcome email to triggered, behavior-based campaigns, we have the tactics and the tools to help your program stand out.

  • Optimal engagement touchpoints
  • Targeted, timed and relevant messaging
  • Turnkey marketing tools
  • Actionable lifecycle analytics
  • Messaging and campaign results
  • Strategic and creative support

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