Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens, Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens video series in partnership with The Wise Marketer.  

This week, Evan Snively speaks with seasoned loyalty expert, Bill Hanifin. In this video, Evan expands on his favorite brands and whether or not any of these brands have a loyalty program. While none of the brands have a traditional loyalty program, Evan’s Spotify Premium membership provides him with an elevated listening experience. Spotify generates custom playlists for Evan each week, and some of them are nostalgic, or throwbacks to previous times in his life. This allows Spotify to create an emotional connection with Evan. Spotify Premium is a good example of how well-executed data personalization can become a loyalty program. 

Spotify Premium is exhibiting both aspects of Inertia & True loyalty to keep Evan engaged in the program. For more information on the four types of loyalty, click here. 

Finally, Evan shares what turns him off from participating in a loyalty program: 

1. When the employees don’t know how the program works. 

If the employees don’t care about their employer’s loyalty program, why should consumers? Employees are key in executing the brand’s loyalty experience. 

2. When it’s not clear how to master the program. 

When the consumer has little influence on how they perform in the program, it can be a turn-off. If the rule structure is difficult to follow, and the element of excitement is always something random, the program will fail to change the consumers’ behavior. 

For the full video, watch below: 

What are your major loyalty program turn-offs? Share in the comments below! 

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