Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens, Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of the series Loyalty Through a Millennial Lens in partnership with The Wise Marketer. 

Part 1 was all about Evan’s favorite brands and why he has an affinity to those brands. Part 2 was all about loyalty program’s biggest turn-offs. And now, Part 3 is all about customer data. 

Is there a threshold that brands can cross for the kind of data its collecting and asking customers for? 

According to Evan, as long as a brand is transparent about what they’re going to use the data for and use it to benefit the customers, then he has no hesitations about a brand using his information. Spotify makes it clear that their use of his data is to create something beneficial to him. This isn’t the case for all brands, however. 

To see the full video, click below to learn more about best practices brands can follow to get more data from their customers(and use it for good!) 

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