Consumers are
Human Beings First.
So Are Our Experts.

Barry’s Loyalty Philosophy

Barry Kirk
VP, Loyalty Strategy

Barry is a 15-year practitioner of the art of loyalty marketing and is considered a thought leader in the space. He is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) and currently serves as VP of  Strategy for Maritz Loyalty. A sought-after consultant, speaker and workshop leader, he is also the originator of The Multi-Loyalty Framework and an evangelizer of the notion that “Consumers are human beings first.” Barry’s specialties include evaluating emerging trends, leading teams of strategic thinkers, and bringing fresh, new ideas to traditional loyalty programs.

Loyalty is not resistance to competitive offers, it’s insistence on a favorite.

Janice’s Loyalty Philosophy

Janice Blevins
General Manager

Janice has been in the loyalty business for over 12 years. She oversees our operational execution across all clients in various industries, and makes certain we adhere to best practices in everything we do. Janice has been integral in shaping the strategy and vision for our loyalty practice. Her specialties include acquisition & retention, ensuring programs are designed to deliver client value, and leading successful client teams.

A smart loyalty strategy is an insurance policy for your best customers – it buys you a second and third chance.

JR’s Loyalty Philosophy

JR Slubowski
Senior Director, Loyalty Strategy

JR Slubowski brings more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and loyalty fields to the strategy team. He specializes in connecting clients with their customers and partners, using a decision-sciences-based approach to help companies translate their data into actionable marketing insights. JR has worked with businesses such as Dillard’s, Domino’s, PetSmart, State Farm and Galderma to develop loyalty and engagement strategies, ultimately creating memorable, meaningful customer experiences.

Loyalty isn’t points, it’s having a point.

Cheryle’s Loyalty Philosophy

Cheryle Frenzel
Director, Loyalty Strategy

Cheryle brings 20+ years of customer loyalty and promotional expertise to her role at Maritz. She’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including: Disney, Energizer, and Purina. Cheryle provides thought leadership and strategic direction for attracting, engaging, and retaining your best customers through the interpretation of client data and trends to deliver on client objectives. Her specialties include loyalty program strategy and design, customer retention, customer insights, communication strategies, and gamification strategies.

Loyalty is a connection – a relationship, a soulmate, an identity.

Lori’s Loyalty Philosophy

Lori Schonebaum
Director, Solution Design

Lori has 30 years of experience driving business results though people, with an emphasis in B2B and B2C loyalty. Applying tools like decision sciences, behavioral science and design principles, she works with clients across multiple industries, including hospitality, financial services, transportation, and manufacturing, to attract, engage and retain their best and highest potential customers. Her experience includes loyalty strategy and program design, channel program design, business development, and program management.

Loyalty is not simply a program. It’s personal.

Evan’s Loyalty Philosophy

Evan Snively
Loyalty Strategist

Evan is a loyalty strategist who partners with clients by helping them strengthen their relationship with consumers beyond the transaction. Championing the idea that “people are people”, Evan specializes in the practice of using behavioral science to create stronger, more memorable moments within the brand experience. He has utilized his expertise by working with a myriad of companies across the financial, airline, and hospitality industries, challenging them to sharpen and refresh their approach to customer loyalty.

Loyalty is built around a set of values that are just as important to the brand as they are to the member.